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We donate 10% of our profits to The Ocean Cleanup Foundation in order to help clean the plastic pollution from our oceans.

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Get the best gear possible at your destination. You always need a different kite or board depending on the conditions. With Rentakite you don't have to pack and travel with all that gear just to save the rental costs. Here you get the best rental prices and you can try different gear every day at your destination.

Best rental deals

Find the best kitesurfing gear available in any location you travel at the best possible rental prices. We negotiate discounts with kite shops around the world for our community. By joining our community you get instant access to these discounts. The more people in our community the more discounts we get and the more equipment is available for us to rent.

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Tap into our user base and start a direct communication with them showing your best offers and promotions. We are trying to build the largest kitesurfing rental inventory where people can search for exactly what they need on their travel destinations.

If you offer kitesurfing rental gear feel free to list it on our platform and get in front of your customers for free.

Get paid directly through our platform and secure your bookings.

We are offering an online payment method that will allow you to ask your customers to secure their bookings through our platform. In this way you will be sure that when they book they show up or at least you will get paid.

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The right gear for all levels and all weather conditions

How does it work?

10% of our profits will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup Foundation in order to help clean the plastic pollution from our oceans.

Make kitesurfing more sustainable

The kitesurfing gear production involves highly polluting processes. The more kites, boards, harnesses and bars are produced, the more we pollute our planet. In the same time the majority of the kitesurfing gear produced stays unused most of the time and deteriorates. This only means that we pollute our planet just because we feel the need to own stuff.

The gear that sits unused in our storage could be put to better use if shared with others. In this way we can increase the number  of times the gear gets used and the need for people to buy their own equipment. This will hopefully reduce the kitesurfing gear production and the pollution it generates.

Most of the kite surfers change their kites every two years because of the wear and tear. This leads to a lot of highly polluting plastic fibers ending up trashed. Part of this gear may end up polluting the oceans that we love to play in.

By renting instead of buying we hoard less gear. By sharing we improve the efficiency of the gear usage and end up purchasing less gear. This leads to less gear being produced and less gear getting trashed.

Because we love our planet and we want to keep enjoying this wonderful sport, we are committed to make kitesurfing more sustainable. For this reason we will donate 10% of our profits to the Ocean Cleanup Foundation so we can help their research into solving plastic pollution in our oceans.

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